Wednesday, January 14, 2015

You must have heard about the ex-Miami Dolphin who swam to shore last week...

John Walters at Newsweek Online has this to say about former-Miami Dolphin Rob Konrad's "extraordinary" physical feat of survival:
Several aspects of [Rob] Konrad’s adventure merit closer scrutiny. First, while the waters off the coast of Broward and Palm Beach Counties are relatively warm thanks both to latitude and the Gulf Stream, Wednesday night [1/7/15] was one of the coldest nights of the year in the area, with water temperatures hovering at roughly 70 (comfortable for a brief, but not extended, period of time). Second, why was he fishing alone? Third, if Konrad did survive 16 hours in the ocean before making landfall some 33 miles north of where his voyage began, how far offshore was he when he, as one official from the Fish and Wildlife Commission put it, “allegedly fell from the boat?”
"[Rob Konrad swam in] an area that has the highest incidence of reported shark attacks world-wide the past decade-- during one of the coldest nights of the year.

Even if Konrad did swim back to shore, how was he able to avoid a debilitating bout of hypothermia? Is his a story of Unbroken-like perseverance, or is there something fishy about this Dolphin’s tale?"
The important thing here is Rob Konrad is alive and well. We all wish him the best. One of the comments on the Newsweek article by John Waters did make a lot of sense. You decide:

Michael Hankins of Lake Charles, Louisiana wrote:
These are definitely legitimate questions. I'm not saying Konrad is a liar though. Perhaps he thought he was nine miles away and really he was two. There can be other explanations but there is no way the story being told is correct. This guy did not swim 9 miles in open water with a side current, no guide, no nutrition, and no wetsuit. There's only a handful of people on earth that could have a chance at surviving that.