Tuesday, January 13, 2015

West Palm Beach is one of the "Queerest Cities in America" in 2015

The Advocate lists their top "Queerest" cities in America and West Palm Beach is number 3, between Lansing, Michigan (number 4) and Atlanta, Georgia (number 2). Dayton, Ohio was number one on the list.

In the review The Advocate mentions the restaurant Table 26 and other places of interest in West Palm Beach. Lake Worth (West Palm's tiny neighbor to the South), of course, is a very tolerant city and has a vibrant gay community. Lake Worth has an openly gay city commissioner and is home to the Compass Gay & Lesbian Community Center. Our annual Pridefest (March 28/29 this year) attracts visitors from all over the world.

Good news for West Palm Beach, you see, its also very good news for us in Lake Worth. I was born in Lansing, Michigan.