Friday, January 23, 2015

Social progress in Lake Worth or elitism on display?

What if I told you a new Charter School was opening in Lake Worth. A school teaching trades such as carpentry, masonry, or plumbing to name only a few? Good idea you might say. Or how about a new Charter School teaching recent immigrants to Lake Worth, Guatemalans and Mayans the English language and how to integrate into modern American society? That also seems to be a good idea. Most of us in our little City of Lake Worth know the issues facing us and how it's possible that Charter Schools could help fill that void. Charter Schools for those of you unaware are subsidized with taxpayer money. 

Here is an idea for a Charter School in Lake Worth that failed and it is very easy to see why. Here is an idea from 2012 by Margaret Menge (Ms. Menge is editor of the Lake Worth Tribune and moved to Lake Worth from Key West in 2010): 

How is it possible to instill a sense of community teaching young children the languages French, Latin and Greek? French is understandable but Latin and Greek? In twenty years we will we not need an abundance of antiquities scholars. And 18 children per class; no doubt well outside the affordability of most Lake Worth residents. 

I would encourage you to read Ms. Menge's blog on her proposed Charter School and also her musings in 2012 on starting a new print newspaper in Lake Worth. Here we find her in the grip of putting the school of schools together. Notice the reference to "bank account."
According to the latest issue of the Tribune, she is looking for reporters. Perhaps I should apply? I wonder what it pays? I wonder what it costs to publish this free paper with free advertisements? I wonder who is paying the rent for the paper's office space? I just wonder about a lot of things.