Tuesday, January 13, 2015

More good news for our little City of Lake Worth in our big Palm Beach County

Jeff Ostrowski in the Post's Real Time blog writes this: 
Palm Beach County was the most improved metro area in the Milken Institute’s annual Best-Performing Cities report, moving up to No. 70 in 2014 from No. 163 in 2013.
“Housing is the story behind the largest gains in the 2014 ranking,” the report said. “Metros that experienced the biggest collapse in housing markets during the Great Recession have seen stabilization and some degree of recovery over the past several years. Florida and California, where the housing bust hit hardest, had the most metros in the list of biggest gainers.”
This is the Executive Summary from the Milken Institute report
The most dynamic U.S. metros hold the secrets to economic success: the crucial factors that help them thrive, grow, and prosper. Our annual Best-Performing Cities report delivers a fact–based, comprehensive evaluation system across metropolitan areas that relies upon job, wage, and technology trends shaping current and prospective pathways.
Out of all the 38 municipalities in Palm Beach County, the City of Lake Worth suffered terribly during the Great Recession. Now Lake Worth has what everyone wants, affordable housing and affordable lots, access to water from public land, historic charm and a vibrant downtown scene. Eight hundred people are moving to Florida, it is estimated, each and every day. We should be welcoming them to repopulate our community, the little City of Lake Worth.