Saturday, January 24, 2015

Margaret Menge and Yellow Journalism: Defined

Per Wikipedia:
Yellow Journalism is: 
exaggerations of news events, scandal-mongering, or sensationalism. By extension, the term yellow journalism is used today as a pejorative to decry any journalism that treats news in an unprofessional or unethical fashion.
Look at what Margaret Menge (self-proclaimed editor, reporter, journalist extraordinaire and raconteur) did on the front page of her FREE (for now?) newspaper delivered to innocent and unsuspecting households in Lake Worth:
Note A where Margaret Menge opens a quote by Nadine Burns responding to a charge of "theft" and the important part of the quote by Nadine Burns is....GONE. Note B. What happened to Nadine Burns' quote? This is an old, dirty journalism trick called MY FRIEND THE PRINTER. The My Friend the Printer trick protects the publisher/editor so Margaret Menge can say, "Gosh, Gee Wiz, I tried to publish what Nadine wrote but the printer screwed up." This is Dirty Trick #1 by Margaret Menge. Clearly, the editor is trying to suppress the rights to freedom of speech and expression owed to Ms. Burns.

Here is the second trick by Ms. Menge:
When you proceed to page 7 to read the balance of the story? It is not there. You have to search through the entire issue to find the REST OF THE STORY buried on PAGE 5 at the bottom below the fold. The interesting thing about the balance of the story is this: no 'theft' occurred at all but Margaret Menge tricked the readers. How many people couldn't find the rest of the story and didn't bother to look for it? How many took the time to search for THE WHOLE STORY by Ms. Menge, the Yellow Journalist? A small percentage of the supervoters for which this "publication" is targeted, I would think. 

Some questions for Ms. Menge?
- Why are you suppressing what Nadine Burns wrote?
- What did Nadine Burns say that frightened you enough to obfuscate?
- What, Ms. Menge, are you hiding from your readers?
- Were Nadine Burns' words too dangerous to your 'narrative'?
- How can someone STEAL a free newspaper? (This might go all the way to the Supreme Court)
- Where is the listed/suggested price for your newspaper, Ms. Menge? Is it $.50 when convenient and free other times? What is the business model for your paper? Who pays your light bill?

And lastly, Nadine Burns is a respected member of our community. Call Margaret Menge at 561-586-6643 or 561-891-4161 and tell her just one story about what Nadine did for you and our community over the years.