Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Lake Worth Herald, editorial dated 1/15/15

Here are three excerpts from the Lake Worth Herald:
     Last weekend a fire destroyed a house on North Palmway. Palm Beach Fire Rescue was there in force. They pumped water on the fire until is was extinguished protecting surrounding properties and residents.
     While talking with some of the neighbors, one who lives near the burned structure said the city doesn't have enough water pressure to supply all of the trucks and hoses so they couldn't pump water from above the fire.
     It was suggested this was one of the main reasons for the infrastructure bond the voters turned down recently.
     The resident said they "should have made that clear."
This resident by the way was seen holding a "Vote No" [against the city bond plan] sign during the election period.
    The city needs to inform every citizen about the importance of water pressure in life safety events. It really is more than just a steady stream of water in the shower.
     On January 27 from 6 to 8 pm at the Compass Community Center, the city will be holding a workshop and inviting residents to bring ideas and questions about financing the infrastructure improvements. There will be a second workshop held on March 21 in the City Commission Chambers at City Hall.
[the editorial ends with this line...]
     This problem will haunt Lake Worth until something is done.
To read the entire editorial go to LWHerald.com. You can also pick up an issue at the news shop just west of our downtown Starbucks, across the street, on Lake Ave.