Sunday, January 11, 2015

Bear hunting: Consequences of urban sprawl or a sign of successful wildlife protection efforts?

Bear hunting in Florida may be coming soon. Not statewide, only in areas where the bears are encroaching on suburban populated areas. In the excerpt below you'll discover why. From the Sun Sentinel:
After a series of black bear attacks on people, Florida wildlife managers next month will discuss whether to end the state's 20-year ban on bear hunting.

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission on Feb. 4 will consider whether its staff should draw up a detailed hunting plan or whether to drop the idea, at least for now. Such a plan is certain to be controversial, as it involves public safety, wildlife protection and a species that has inspired both affection and fear.

Sixteen people have been injured by bears in Florida since records have been kept, although many of the injuries were minor and many of the interactions provoked by people.