Saturday, November 15, 2014

The 14 votes thrown out in Lake Worth during the August 26th election should have been counted.

In the printed edition of today's paper, this story was above the fold on the front page. Seems as though Lake Worth was on to something when we complained about provisional ballots not being tallied. Click title for link.
With a $63 million bond issue at stake, Lake Worth officials appealed to Bucher to be inclusive and count proper ballots that she said had to be dismissed because poll workers failed to note properly whether the voter used a Democratic or Republican style ballot.
The only way to verify if they voted on the proper ballot, Bucher maintained, would have been to violate the sanctity of the secret ballot by peering inside the envelope, a violation of another law.
But the city argued it didn’t matter, particularly since their narrowly defeated referendum appeared on all primary ballots, whether Democratic, Republican or no party.
“If this was a lawsuit, I would declare victory,” said the city’s attorney, Glen Torcivia.
The city is rejecting Bucher’s demands that it pay the supervisor’s $3,440 legal costs, City Manager Mike Bornstein said.
“I think we made our point about provisional ballots not being handled correctly,” he said. “And we’re not going to pay her legal fees to find out that we were right.”