Friday, November 14, 2014

Rick Sanchez radio show with Ft. Lauderdale Mayor Seiler

I encourage everyone to listen to this podcast segment and share it with your friends. It is very important to get the word out about media manipulation in a city to our south, Fort Lauderdale. Rick Sanchez recently interviewed Ft. Lauderdale Mayor Jack Seiler (D) at radio station WIOD. They discuss the situation relating to feeding of the homeless in public places in violation of a new city ordinance. This segment is 14:15 minutes long and the Mayor is introduced by Rick Sanchez at the 1:00 mark.

Mayor Seiler shares a good laugh about a protest that was staged at his house. There were about 30 protesters and they initially set up at the wrong street in front of the wrong house. Note the Mayor Seiler has been Mayor for six years now. The Mayor pointed out that the leader of the protest is from Missouri. According to reports he received from the site, there were no known Ft. Lauderdale residents involved. He goes on to blame "outside agitators", a group called Food Not Bombs, and at the 12:50 mark mentions anarchists "who don't believe in any authority". Hmmmmm.

Many of you heard about the 90-year-old Arnold Abbott from the Love Thy Neighbor charity who was arrested feeding the homeless, right? Mayor Seiler clears that up too. Mr. Abbott was NEVER ARRESTED. The mayor stated that there are over 100 sanctioned, proper locations in Ft. Lauderdale for feeding homeless people: inside, under a roof, with sanitary feeding equipment, with running water and working toilets.

Mayor Seiler made it very clear that he respects Arnold Abbott and lauds his service to the homeless and hungry in Ft. Lauderdale. The mayor wants this activity to take place in the right places in the city. Just a few days ago Arnold Abbott indicated he would be feeding the homeless in a section of Ft. Lauderdale. The city found two locations for him: the Church by the Sea and the Aquatic Center. Mr. Arnold, to the dismay of the city, rejected both sites. Mayor Seiler doesn't mince any words or try to be coy about this rejection. He lays the blame squarely on "handlers" who are manipulating the elderly Mr. Abbott for their own political objectives.

So, here you have the other side of the story.