Wednesday, November 12, 2014

How to stop Fane Lozman? Riviera Beach lines up 70 witnesses |

From Jane Musgrave at the Palm Beach Post, (click title for link) we have an item about our irrepressible Fane Lozman. He is back in the news continuing his fight with the city of Riviera Beach. Remember he took his case all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court. Here you can watch Justice Roberts talking about Fane as one of his "fun" cases sitting on the Supreme Court. You can also listen to Fane yourself, he was a guest on my High Noon in Lake Worth podcast. Here's more about Fane's latest action against Riviera Beach from the article: 
After six years, one U.S. Supreme Court decision and countless barbs traded back and forth, jury selection is to begin today in a federal lawsuit that pits a Riviera Beach activist against the city he loves to loathe.
While the long-running dispute is unusual for many reasons, it stands out because Fane Lozman will be representing himself in what is expected to be a monthlong trial.
The former Marine and self-made millionaire will try to persuade jurors to order the city to pay him up to a million for tromping on his constitutional rights. He claims city officials hauled him out of meetings, cited him for bogus complaints and towed his 60-foot floating home from the municipal marina and had it destroyed. The various insults were to punish him for speaking out against a now scuttled multibillion-dollar redevelopment project, he claims.