Friday, November 14, 2014

From the other blog...

Here are three comments from Lynn Anderson's blog: the first from Lynn Anderson's friend, Michele Callahan (voter?), then what reads like a comment from the Elegant One from North Lakeside Drive, and ending with Lynn Anderson commenting on her own blog. Michele Callahan obviously has strong feelings and I would suggest she apply to the Historic Resource Preservation Board (HRPB). We have an opening on the HRPB and I am sure board member Loretta Sharpe would just love for Ms. Callahan to clarify calling her "corrupt".

I'd also like to point out that the bond election results related to the bond issue were certified and not contested by the city. The city did have concerns over the handling of an election and the counting of votes, which became apparent through a close election. We've come to expect facts being distorted by the other blogger. This is a prime example. I guess people that go there (and I can't imagine why), do so for opinions rather than facts.

Everyone knows Loretta's years of service to Lake Worth. Any list I come up with will be incomplete. And for that she deserves admiration and respect. The same is true for Greg Rice and Peggy Fisher. Lynn Anderson can do whatever she pleases on her blog, however you will never see a Lynn Anderson résumé of contribution and service that rivals anything close to the efforts of Loretta Sharpe, Peggy Fisher and Greg Rice.

Let us now examine the comments by Lynn Anderson's friend, Ms. Michele Callahan, Dee, and Lynn: