Monday, August 11, 2014

What John Rinaldi Fails to Understand...

Both of these posts were done independently of each other, today on our own Facebook pages.
Apparently John Rinaldi is easily bored if not pounding on his keyboard, asking circular questions attorneys are known for and asking others to prove a negative. He took over with his posts on an established community information page, Lake Worth Voice, and was allowed to continue for a long time. That is until his repetitive posts with 100 comments underneath them crowded out a lot of information that people went there for to begin with. He was encouraged to create his own page which he refused to do. Now he has resorted to commenting on posts others make on their own Facebook account about how bored he is.

I linked the post from this blog about the city's interest rate assumptions and received the comment above from Mr. Rinaldi. This after he posted about the need to know the interest rate so I went and asked the city. They got back to me today. Mr. Rinaldi could have asked the same question to the city, but preferred asking it to the ether of the Internet. Now when we come up with an appropriate and conservative answer from the city, he is playing the role of a spoiled child.

Comment below on suggestions to cure Mr. Rinaldi's boredom.