Friday, August 29, 2014

There is a recount in the District 4 School Board race

The candidates with the two highest vote totals go against each other in a run-off that will be held as part of the November election. The recount is due to the close results between the second and third place finishers in that race. Sutterfield received 3,851 votes to his closest opponent Katz who received 3,798 votes, which amounts to a difference of 53 votes. In relation to the total number of votes cast in that race, that is a .34% difference, which is under the threshold of .5% for an automatic recount. The results of the bond ballot issue in Lake Worth resulted in a difference of .8%.

Here is the related Palm Beach Post story. Erica Whitfield will be on the ballot in November regardless. Go Erica!

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