Thursday, August 14, 2014

The Weekly Report from CAUT Central

Here it is! The latest treasurer's report from the Citizens Against Unfair Taxation (CAUT) available today. This is the P6 report for 8/2/14 to 8/8/14. CAUT is the PAC formed by Katie McGiveron and her trusty sidekick Atlantis resident Dennis Dorsey to thwart the LW2020 infrastructure improvement plan.

Two items of note on this latest report:
1) Katie's PAC has put in another order for yard signs ($644.48).
2) Katie has ordered more door hangers or a mailing for $500. Funny that is such a round amount. Guess it makes it easier to spend those $500 bills.

Note that these new "tracts" are printed locally in PBC; Dorsey's first order of door hangers (the ones with the apocalyptic images of the fall of civilization as we know it) were printed and shipped from Burbank, CA. She might have saved a lot of money ordering his door hangers from California but as she's demonstrated here, you really should buy local whenever you can.

Now this is VERY INTERESTING. So far Katie McGiveron and Atlantis resident Dennis Dorsey have raised $4,163 for his PAC. Ninety-eight percent (98%) of the money they have raised ($4,038.29) has come from three areas: the areas west of I-95, east of Federal, and the Lake Worth Towers. McGiveron, Dorsey and their CAUT PAC has raised a total of $125, or 3%, in Lake Worth east of I-95 and west of Federal; a very large area of Lake Worth that will greatly benefit from the City's LW2020 bond vote on August 26.

And, of course, there are the always amusing 'In-Kind' contributions (4) from Lynn Anderson and Lawrence McNamara that totaled $33.69. As amusing as that is they'll never top Katie McGiveron's In-Kind contribution on 7/27 for $1.17. That's right, 117 pennies. Or two rolls of pennies with an additional 17 pennies from a third roll.

More CAUT PAC analysis later. Now about what happened yesterday at the Lake Worth Towers. The City was scheduled to give a LW2020 presentation to the residents of the Towers last night. At the last minute it was inexplicably cancelled without a reason given. Those of you familiar with Lake Worth history know the other name for the Lake Worth Towers, the tallest building in Lake Worth, is derisively referred to as Dennis Dorsey's Waiting Room. Was there some arm twisting? It certainly does merit an inquisitive phone call or five.