Saturday, August 30, 2014

Razing begins on West Palm Beach "chapel-by-the-lake" site

Despite pending lawsuits, developers have gotten underway with demolition of the Chapel-by-Lake site in West Palm Beach. This is the 22 story condominium along Flagler Drive, just south of the middle bridge. We stopped by on a bike ride to and from downtown West Palm yesterday and took some pictures.

According to Eliot Kleinberg's article in the Post, click title for link, they are going to start pre-construction sales soon. From the article:
Some three weeks after developers announced they had closed on the Chapel-by-the-Lake site, with plans to build a 22-story “ultra-luxury” condominium, demolition on the outdoor waterfront chapel has begun.
Congregants were told July 30 about the $21 million deal. The church has said the money would go toward building new churches and improving its main campus on Flagler Drive.
Developers and the city have moved forward with the process despite three separate legal actions on the project. Proponents have called it an attractive addition to the waterfront, while some residents decried it as an eyesore.

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Ralph said...

The developer must be confident they are going to win the lawsuit. The neighbors over there are up in arms over this.