Friday, August 15, 2014

From yet another loyal and concerned reader comes this:

Any ordinary time I would not have a problem identifying myself. These are not ordinary times. Not in Lake Worth leading up to our vote that can't happen too soon. I'm a real big fan of Rush Limbaugh and have been for years (I know you are most definitely not a fan) and he's gone on for years about the 'low-information voter.' Who would have thunk those low-information voters would be my neighbors on one of the most wealthy and educated neighborhoods in my city. 

Here is what my neighbors have told me: 
- Their taxable rate if the bond passed would be on the appraisal value of their house. It's not. 
- I've been told that 3 mils is $30 on $1000. It's not. It's $3.
- I've been told the bond over 30 years could cost between $210-$225 million. I was really told that.
- I've been told the Casino building and beach property will be used as collateral. Not a bad idea actually but again, completely untrue.
- I was told by a neighbor returning from NY that potholes are everywhere and people learn to adjust. 
- I was told that there is no reason to repave Federal. Not kidding. Federal is a State road, not a city road. 
- I was told why fix roads when you have to keep doing it over and over. 
- I was told by a neighbor she would never give more money to the city as long as that 'crazy communist was still there, Karen whats her name.' She thought Cara Jennings was still a commissioner. She's not Thank God and my neighbor is happier now. 
- I have been told that all of the contractors have been selected for work once the bond passes. This is simply not the case.
- I have been told that people have read a 45 page "bond" document that proves to them that the whole program is a scam. I did some checking. The "bond" documents don't exist yet. What is the opposition taking around to my neighbors' doors?

I'm afraid the city has a very steep hill to climb if my educated and informed neighbors are believing this nonsense. Yet there it is. Be strong, as I will continue to be, and resolute in my decision to vote "yes" for the bond issue on August 26th.

Sincerely, from one of the boots on the ground.