Saturday, August 30, 2014

FPL customers who do not pay opt-out fees could be cut off

The perils of not paying your "opt out fee" for not using smart meters through FPL. If you don't pay, you risk having your electric service shut off. Smart meters send information on your energy consumption directly to FPL. There is no need for a meter reader. Click title for link.
Friedman had paid the power portion of his FPL bills, but has not paid fees charged for opting out of the utility’s smart meter program, said his daughter Jeri Friedman, who lives near him in Port St. Lucie.
“He calls me and says, ‘I just got a threatening letter from FPL. They are going to turn my power off if I do not pay their extortion fees,’ ” Jeri Friedman said. “My father opted out of smart meters for health reasons.”
Friedman and his daughter are among 843 FPL customers who have said no to a smart meter and no to the extra fees for keeping their old meters, FPL officials say.