Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Elections office chases down"iPad" glitches

To get an idea of how bad things were yesterday, long time residents Bud and Helen Green were turned away and allowed only to complete provisional ballots. I understand they later returned to vote in the regular manner. Supervisor Bucher seems to wave off the problems as being a minor issue. It doesn't seem minor as it relates to the results in the Lake Worth 2020 bond decision. Click title for link.

By the way, I saw Susan Bucher at the First Congregational Church around 2 p.m. yesterday and she said that, up until that time, there were 20 provisional ballots cast at just that location. It is one that had multiple precincts that had the most problems with the new equipment. After almost a two hour delay in the morning, many left without voting. This is one of the heavier turnout locations for voters in the city.