Thursday, June 19, 2014

Scripps Project at Briger Forest: Enviros File Second Legal Challenge | New Times Broward-Palm Beach

According to this article by Steve Ellman, good friend of JoAnn Golden, the "enviros" are a day late and a dollar short in filing complaints about the official environmental review done for the Briger Tract. They prefer to refer to it as the Briger Forest, since it suits their purposes better. He admits that the forest "while not virgin, is relatively unspoiled." That is the same condition that I and other readers may share. Click title for link.
Briger Forest, while not virgin, is relatively unspoiled. Straddling I-95 north of Palm Beach Gardens, covering almost 700 acres of land, it is a mix of hardwood forest, freshwater marshes, and prairie, an important locale for migrating birds. In addition to the Eastern Indigo Snake, an endangered species, it is home to the gopher tortoise, wood stork, snowy egret, and hand fern.
The developers' plans are tied to the local establishment's Ahab-like quest for the White Whale of bioscience dollars, the idea that public investment in projects like the Scripps Research Institute will ultimately bring a flood of money and jobs to the area. Instead of wildlife, the suits see about 5 million square feet of biotech and office space on part of the Briger Tract, thousands of homes, a 300-room hotel, and assorted retail space.