Friday, June 20, 2014

Port’s defense of dredging causes flareup at transportation... |

Town of Palm Beach Mayor Coniglio is a surprise guest at the Palm Beach County Metropolitan Planning Organization meeting. She was greeted by a PowerPoint presentation of all the good things that the Port of Palm Beach expansion would do and how the dredging project is needed. It's sounds like things got a little out of control, but within limits. The Town is against the project for many reasons and is doing its best to derail the permit process. Click title for link. From the article:
After Baker’s 20-minute power-point presentation describing how widening and deepening the channel will help ships maneuver more safely through the inlet, Coniglio sat in front of the same microphone and criticized the project.
“I am somewhat surprised that the only presentation this morning is in respect to the dredging operation,’’ she said at the start of a five-minute critique. “I’m very disappointed by that.’’
When Coniglio returned to her seat in the back of the conference room, she was followed by MPO board member Ed Oppel, a port commissioner and staunch supporter of the dredging project.
As Lisa Interlandi of the Everglades Law Center spoke against the dredging project, her comments were interrupted by loud whispers from Coniglio and Oppel at the back of the room. “I’m very disappointed,’’ Coniglio snapped at Oppel before apologizing to Interlandi when heads of MPO board members turned toward the loud conversation.