Monday, June 16, 2014

Families in Palm Beach County reach out to kids crossing the... |

Sad situation and, unfortunately, a sign of the times. Click title for link. From the article:
Thousands of Central American minors, unaccompanied by adult family members, are sneaking through Mexico and across the U.S. border, where overwhelmed federal authorities have dispatched them to relatives around the country, including dozens to Palm Beach County.President Barack Obama declared the recent flood of young immigrants a humanitarian crisis and has provided money to house, feed and clothe the children at emergency facilities in Texas, Arizona, Oklahoma and California. Federal authorities predict 90,000 such minors, mostly teenagers, will arrive this fiscal year, about four times as many as last year. Some estimates are much higher because the flood is increasing.
[later in the article]
He was taken to an immigration jail, where he spent two days, before being put on a military plane with about 35 other youths and flown to another locale in Texas, to a shelter run by a regional nonprofit youth organization called Southwest Key. There he says he was housed in barracks with about 100 other male teenagers. Girls were housed separately. They were all given a bed, clothes and three meals per day. They attended classes every day during normal school hours, studying English, math and U.S. history.
“They treated us very well,” Francisco says.
Meanwhile, a social worker put him in touch with his cousin Juan Francisco, 32, a landscape worker for a company in Wellington, who agreed to take him in once he was released.