Monday, June 23, 2014

Breaking News from Larry the Lenz - Story and Video

Larry the Lenz got another scoop! Yes he did.

Here is the story he shared with me. Larry received an anonymous tip about an “action” in Bryant Park this last weekend but not much more than that. So he and his friend Brandon D rode through the park at intervals to get some pictures. On Sunday they got the story.

Larry and Brandon just walked up and blended in with the crowd. Brandon even grabbed one of the signs. It wasn't an action after all but a training camp for an action to follow protesting the Lake Worth 2020 Plan. No one seemed to know the date or place of the upcoming protest but the trainers emphasized the importance of readiness and coordination.

The trainer taught these points: The signs would be hidden in the bushes prior to the action; proceed to the site in small groups of three from different directions; no flamboyant clothes, and no hats! The only person wearing a hat would be the coordinator; do not engage the public and do not under any circumstances engage the deputies; keep your hands out in the open; most importantly don't give the Sheriff any reason to arrest you.

Just when they were going to practice the 'chant' two fellas in beards and dark clothes rode up in bikes and recognized Larry right off. All hell broke loose and Larry was jostled and roughed up by what he called, “animals.” A touchy situation indeed.

It was a miracle that two Pirates were close by and saw Larry being attacked. One Pirate rushed the mob yelling, “Aaarrrggghhh! Back off you bilge sucking slime! Let loose that blue man or I'll cleave you to the brisket you scurvy dogs and keelhaul what's left of you, you Sons of a Biscuit Eaters!” Or words to that effect.

But Larry got the scoop! He's a tough one when he gets his teeth in a story. Larry is a little bruised but he'll be just fine.

Great job!

Here is what was caught on video.