Sunday, January 19, 2014

Boynton booms from coast to glades

Lots of activity out there compared to the bottom of the bust we just came through in the local real estate economy. Boynton Beach is the focus of this Palm Beach Post article. GL Homes has remained a big player in its build out of western Boynton. Look here:
Since 1996, GL Homes has planted 12 communities — some 7,200 homes — in the area west of Jog Road and bordered by Boynton Beach Boulevard to the north and Lake Ida Road to the south. Seven of the strongholds, often fronted by impressive faux waterfalls and babbling brooks, are age-restricted.
So, if you figure an average of 2 persons per household, that is over 14,000 people. That figure is a little less than half of city Lake Worth's total population of 34,000. Check out what the article pulls out from on values of an assortment of Boynton zip codes.

Click here for what the same site is reporting for the 33460 zip code. Improvement yes, but interesting that it indicates that our market temperature is "cold." Values, according to the site, are up almost 26% over the last year and expected to increase a little over 8% over the next year. Check out the graph to see how low we went, for how long, from where we were, due to the Great Recession.