Saturday, December 7, 2013

Is it time to stop worrying about global warming? - environment - 06 December 2013 - New Scientist

In a way, the answer is no. We shouldn't stop from worrying about it. But it would be more effective if we did something about it. This article exposes what is going on within the oceans, which may explain certain phenomena. Click title for link.
But it is misguided to focus only on the temperature of the thin layer of air that we live in. That is just one of many important indicators. In particular, the oceans are warming too: recent research suggests that in the last 60 years the Pacific's depths have warmed 15 times as fast as at any time in the previous 10,000 years.
And the oceans may have been soaking up heat faster still over the past few years. That may in turn explain why the atmosphere isn't warming as fast as it was (see "Climate slowdown: The world won't stop warming"). Warmer oceans have consequences. Consider typhoon Haiyan, thought to be the fourth-strongest storm in history. Such storms usually stir up cooler waters that limit their strength; Haiyan, by contrast, kept gaining energy from exceptionally warm waters extending far below the surface. More such storms will follow as the oceans heat up.