Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Delray officials to vote on voting - Sun Sentinel

This is usually covered by Roberts Rules of Order. We had this situation come up at our last Historic Resource Preservation Board meeting. The HRPB has seven full voting members. We have one vacancy and at November's meeting, we had two members absent. Only four people were there to conduct the board's business. We had a situation where a motion was made to approve an item, and it ended up in a 2 to 2 vote. The motion failed. In this case, an alternative motion to deny would have met with the same vote. So, our solution was to end up tabling matter to the next regular meeting with two wishes. One would be that the composition of those attending the meeting would change that would bring a different result, or that somehow the facts of the issue before us would have changed from before.

What Delray is doing here seems unnecessary and the emergency "unanimous two vote" policy shouldn't even be considered. Click title for link.