Saturday, December 28, 2013

Council president won’t seek fourth term |

The Shiny Sheet's take on Town Council President David Rosow announcement that he will not seek another term. I find it interesting that the article notes that the letter posted here was sent to "fellow residents." He must have used the town's blast e-mail list, which would explain why I received the announcement. Click title for link. Here is some veiled speculation as to why he is not running. Townsend has announced she is running for the seat.
Rosow’s ongoing legal dispute with the Palm Beach Daily News, over the newspaper’s request to view written records of his involvement in helping to facilitate lease negotiations for the Royal Poinciana Playhouse, was also not mentioned in his letter.
In the interview, Rosow said his decision not to run was had nothing to do with the legal case, or with the prospect of having to run a campaign against Townsend.
Townsend said Friday she had not heard from Rosow about his decision not to run.
“I would thank anyone who has given service to the town, and respect Mr. Rosow’s decision, whatever it is,” she said. “I am grateful for what he has contributed."