Sunday, November 3, 2013

Seventh Annual Ethics Seminar put on by the Palm Beach County Planning Congress

Last Friday (11/1), the Palm Beach County Planning Congress put on their 7th Annual Ethics Seminar. This was the most well-attended in the series with some 175 planners, elected and appointed officials and other interested persons participating in the all-day affair. For many professionals involved in land use law and planning, it was an opportunity to fulfill continuing education credits. Regardless of some being there for the requirement, much good and worthy material was covered. I'll share pictures of the event which took place in the City of Boca Raton's 6500 Building - which is perfect for such and event. It is usually used for police and fire department training.

The seminar's keynote speaker was Norman Braman. Mr. Braman is notable, not only for owning a successful series of automobile dealerships, but also for once owning the pro-football team known as the Philadelphia Eagles. Being part of that elite fraternity did not stop him from fighting against using public money for pro-sports stadiums. He took an active roll in unsuccessfully stopping the public financing of the Miami Marlins new stadium, but also helped block the proposed changes to Pro-Player Stadium, home of the Miami Dolphins. He ran two recall campaigns of former Miami-Dade Mayor Alvarez and another Miami-Dade County Commissioner for the public stands on the issue.
Norman Braman addressing the Ethics Seminar attendees
Here is Mr. Braman's biographical information:
We also had the privilege of hearing a closing talk by Thomas Pelham who headed the now defunct Department of Community Affairs twice, under two different Florida governors. His candid remarks are worth listening to as he reminisces about his two stints as director, the difference between those periods of service and the eventual demise of the agency. Here is what I was able to catch of his talk on video.
You will find his remarks frank and entertaining.