Monday, November 4, 2013

School district money woes stall renovations at historic West... |

This calls for another "Circle of Light." Click title for link, from the article:
According to an April school district report, when the school board approved the Northboro modernization, it budgeted a guaranteed maximum price for the historic building renovations of $976,955. But when builders took a closer look at the 1925 building, “significant deficiencies were found and degradation of critical structural components was identified in the walls and floors,” according to the report.
“The quality of the original work is questionable, leaving doubt as to the reinforcing, if any, in walls and beams,” the report said. “Visibly exposed reinforcing indicates that the constructor paid little attention to spacing of reinforcing bars and the depth of concrete covering them.”
As a result, early cost estimates from builders to take care of those issues and make the building usable were about $1.8 million. That was too high, Garrison said, so district planners are now trying to develop several lower cost options.