Thursday, November 7, 2013

Hefty price for beach bungalow flood insurance |

This is happening around the state and country right now as federal support for flood insurance goes away. However, there are bills in Congress being prepared that would delay the impact, but rates are still going to rise.
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If you listen to the end of last Tuesday night's City Commission meeting (11/5) discussion during Reports and Liaison Comments, Commissioner McVoy reported how he went to a sea level rise conference and talked about the compact on climate change and sea level rise between the four large south Florida counties. He made it seem, I think he even said something like "even business is waking up to the fact." Well Dr. McVoy, if you look into it, it is the insurance industry that is really at the head of the train on this issue and it is going to pull a lot of people along with it. I agree that there is no doubt about sea level rise - and you can debate possible reasons forever. But planning for sea level rise is going to be an important focus over the coming decade and beyond. What I didn't like is that he was using this as a reason to be skeptical of the Lake Worth 2020 plan which is foolish since if such a thing passes through our electoral process as a bond issue, provisions can be made to address implications of sea level rise as part of that program - not just divert money to streets. He also hasn't seen the "data" that show good streets and infrastructure are correlated with higher property values. In short, he is still being a stick in the muck and his ears are listening to Bananabreath and others of her ilk. Disappointing to have a "scientist" with a "doctorate" from an Ivy League university show such ineptitude on the dais.

This is the same Commissioner that poo-pooed the notion of making sure the seawall at the beach was up to current standards - required by the Florida Building Code - since our NEW Casino building was built seaward of the Coastal Construction Line without pilings. How many sides of one's mouth can one have? I think we should be keeping count.