Sunday, November 3, 2013

Florida’s natural-gas powered vehicles and stations gaining... |

Another key part of our energy future: Cars that run on compressed natural-gas. There is over a dollar per gallon differential between the more expensive regular gasoline than CNG. The thing is, you need to have manufacturers producing cars with the capability to run on natural gas and you need the special station infrastructure in place. From the article:
CNG poses a chicken or the egg-type question. Which comes first, vehicles or stations? Without enough vehicles, there’s not sufficient demand for the fuel. But without a station nearby and places to fill up when they’re traveling, most people won’t buy a vehicle.
While there are no CNG stations open to the public in Palm Beach County, there are 14 public stations around the state and more are coming. At least three are slated to open in Palm Beach County in 2014.
Right now, operators of large truck fleets have the economies of scale to begin using CNG fueled vehicles. Very interesting article. Click title for link.