Saturday, November 9, 2013

Florida plans U.S. Bicycle Route traveling through South Florida. - Sun Sentinel

Great idea and it is not just along what we know as U.S. 1. Side routes would be part of the plan too. This explains the question asked by Channel 12 earlier this week. This is from the article:
The U.S. 1 bike route likely will be a mix of low-traffic roads and some busy urban sections. U.S. 1 mainly acts as a baseline for the proposed route, which will diverge from the road to county- or city-maintained streets and trails that can better accommodate cyclists.
So parts of State Road A1A could be part of the route. So could the East Coast Greenway, a mainly off-road system of trails stretching from Maine to Key West.
U.S. bike routes must be approved by the American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials, which also designates U.S. highways and interstates.
This something that Lake Worth could really capitalize on, combined with the LULA program, our historic districts and Lakeside Gardens along Lake Osborne Drive. Click title for link to article.