Friday, November 8, 2013

Final vote on zoning to move to bigger venue |

The Town Council is moving their meeting to the Society of the Four Arts auditorium which holds 710 people rather than the usual location in the Town Hall Chambers, which holds 126 people. This is about the new zoning category proposed for Royal Poinciana Way. It seems that everyone has an opinion. The Mayor and another Town Council member with real estate interests on the street have recused themselves from discussion of the topic. Note that they will be strictly enforcing their 3 minute public comment rule. I think a 3 minute limit is better than the 2 minute rule that our City Commission has used in recent years. And I would like to see Lake Worth resume the practice - it is pretty much standard throughout the County and in other municipalities. Click title for link to article.

Oh, and I would also like to see us convert the current building being used as City Hall in Lake Worth back to its original use as a municipal auditorium. The Commission could meet there and actually accommodate more people than the cheek-to-jowl configuration we have now. It could also be used for cultural events, films, performers, etc.