Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Town of Palm Beach, county to settle trash fight - Sun Sentinel

I am amazed that this sort of dumping is allowed to continue. Surely, Palm Beach could afford the tipping charges at the Solid Waste Authority. From the article - click title for link.
Palm Beach is the only town in the county that dumps yard waste at satellite dumpsites outside of its boundaries instead of hauling the waste to the county landfill or private recycling sites.
The town of Palm Beach generates about 13,000 tons of yard waste a year and for decades has been dumping that waste at dump sites on Okeechobee Boulevard and Skees Road, far from its upscale neighborhoods.
The town started dumping waste at the site on Okeechobee Boulevard in the 1930s, long before the neighborhoods grew up around them and before tougher permitting requirements.