Monday, October 7, 2013

Pictures of and around the FEC Freight Depot

The south end of the building, the one current targeted for re-use as an artist workshop as described in the recent Palm Beach Post article, has a covered open area.
The building is difficult to get to. You can see it from East Coast Street but can't get there. It is just west of the tracks and best accessed off of South F Street, but you have to use one of the numbered streets to get close to it.
It was built in the mid 1920s to accommodate shipments of building supply materials to fuel the building boom that was on at the time.

 This is the most interesting facade, but still a plain and utilitarian building. 

There was this small memorial at the edge of the gravel and the grass along the right-of-way. It is dated 7/26/13. Anyone recall the circumstances?


The area immediately surrounding the building is a mix of run down industrial and residential structures. Not the garden spot of the world in its current state, but it does have potential.