Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Imagine my surprise!

I bumped into an old friend that used to live in Lake Worth for many years and recently moved to the southern part of West Palm Beach. He shared what happened to him at the local Walmart on 10th Avenue North about two weeks ago. He was in the check out lane and he thought that he recognized the person ahead of him. He described her as somewhat disheveled with stringy hair, baseball cap and wearing denim clam-diggers. Maybe we can find her here?

She had a cart that was overflowing with "deals" as my friend described it. He said to her, "Don't I know you? Didn't you run for office in Lake Worth?" and she said yes. He then said "Are you Cara Jennings?" She answered that yes, she was indeed. They were chatting amicably and then he happened to mention that he had voted for her before and that he was a friend of Wes Blackman. At that point, he said, her demeanor completely changed and there was no more conversation. The lady in line behind him even was prompted to ask, "What did you say? She seems upset." He didn't elaborate.

I am surprised that Cara is a Walmart shopper for a number of reasons. Perhaps she is looking for better buys on food for visitors to the Canew?