Friday, September 13, 2013

Under Lake Worth budget proposal, utility rates could drop 4.5... |

Good article and it seems that this City Commission is on the right track. Click title for link. Commissioner McVoy continues to be a stick-in-the-muck.
From the article:
Three of the four commissioners OK’d the change, while Commissioner Christopher McVoy voted against it saying that the better strategy was to educate customers to reduce their usage. Commissioner John Szerdi was not present.
“They haven’t been saying lower my rates; they’ve been saying lower my bills,” McVoy said.
That is very scientific Dr. McVoy. I can see why you are Peter Timm's and Lynn Anderson's favorite. Trying to get on your logic train here Commissioner. Let's say you have three numbers which are A, B and C. And A is the rate per unit of electricity, B is the number of units consumed and C is your total bill which is achieved by multiplying A times B. If either A or B is lower, you will have lower electric bills. And then you vote "NO" on lowering rates? I think this exposes your "high rates reduce consumption" mantra and the reason why you like them. Also notice that there is $750,000 sloshing around in the former conservation program account.

People are not going to use more electricity if it is cheaper but they are going to like lower bills created by lowering rates. This will free up money for other essentials - like housing, transportation, food and health care. And maybe allow our residents to treat themselves to an ice cream cone in our downtown.