Monday, July 1, 2013

Audit slaps Lake Worth’s code enforcement as city grapples for...

THIS IS WHY WE HAVE NEEDED AN INTERNAL AUDITOR! Such a position, called for by the City Charter some otherwise worship with a vengeance, was thought of as not necessary or required due to budget considerations. Well, that has finally changed with this Commission. The "other" blogger will offer vague excuses. Click title for link to article - perhaps one of Willie Howard's last in covering the Lake Worth city beat.

Some of the "in-your-face" findings:
Some of the code enforcement problems noted by the Lake Worth’s internal auditor:
— Most code fines are never collected. Some outstanding code fines are many times the value of the properties. There is no effort to collect code fines.
— Properties that are clearly public nuisances remain that way because no abatement or foreclosure procedures are initiated.
— The prior work experience and skills of code enforcement employees “may not be conducive to fulfilling the mission” of the division.
— Anonymous complaints about code violations are not accepted.
— There are no field supervisors in the division.
— There seems to be a “philosophical divergence” regarding the purpose of code compliance and the day-to-day activities that support the purpose.
I believe that it was Susan Stanton, the Best City Manager Ever according to some, who fired the Internal Auditor and eliminated the position saying that we "didn't need anyone else pointing out problems." Thus, we live the legacy of that decision, but at least we are making headway now.