Sunday, April 28, 2013

Preliminary Figures from the Property Appraiser's Office - 2013 Taxable Values

At last, we have a glimmer of good news on the taxable property value front - Values are to have increased 3% in all of Palm Beach County and Lake Worth's are expected to have increased 4.2%.  This reflects the bottoming out of the residential housing market, but no part of this can  be attributed to new non-residential development.  It is also worthwhile pointing out that if you have already lost 2/3 of your taxable property value and lost more than any other municipality in the last five years, it doesn't take much of an increase to register a higher percentage gain.  For example, if you have 1 and add another 1, you get 2, or a 100% increase.  But you still have 2.  It's also worthwhile to check out the total taxable value of other municipalities compared to ours.  It doesn't take too long to conclude that Lake Worth is less than some cities we usually consider our "equals."

Belle Glade gained 4.2% as well and Pahokee gained 5.6%.

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