Tuesday, April 30, 2013

A Powerful Measure of Urban Health: the Stroller Index

How does Lake Worth compete when looking at the Stroller Index?  How are the schools here?  Is this a place where parents are comfortable raising children?  Click title for link to article.


Anonymous said...

Short Answer: Absolutely Not

Schools - Lake Worth schools are terrible. ESOL is the among the highest in the county. Graduation rates are low. Resources are scarce and parent involvement is minimal.

Sidewalks/Streets - I think we know the condition of the sidewalks and streets in Lake Worth. Try pushing a stroller down a cracked sidewalk, struggling through the grassy, garbage filled, unpaved roads that lack ADA compatibility.

Safety - The number of convicted sex offenders in Lake Worth is staggering. Crime & gangs are prevalent despite the best efforts of PBSO. There are very, very few areas that one could consider "safe" for children to play outside.

Homes - Lake Worth housing stock is deplorable. Anyone considering having more than one child will have a difficult time in the small, cramped homes with tiny (if existent) backyards. Lake Worth Utility rates are astronomical. For parents who need to do multiple loads of laundry, the cost of electricity & water are prohibitive.

And watch as those couples who are young, have economic upward mobility and are looking to start a family make a beeline for the exit.

Anonymous said...

Know a realtor working the downtown when giving directions tells her clients to avoid both Lake Worth exits off 95. I guess tells them too much traffic or something. But we know better

Michael M said...

From Pinkie's blog, is she referring to you Dear Blogmaster? ..."and a group of vocal residents who firmly believe it is the high cost of energy that is making Lake Worth an unattractive place to invest."

And this coming from someone who lives in a condo on the edge of the city and pays $300 in property taxes.

depressed said...

Even if there were many developers waiting to build and so bring up our property values, a trip down A1A from St Augustine reinforced my understanding of the benefits of big development. I recommend you all take that trip. Prosperous communities surrounded by earnest citizens and commerce. In Lake Worth, we choose to live a lie, not a haven except for the well to do. We are a fake place, full of lamentable history and long term residents who haven't a clue. But we own our beach, and to date, our utilities. Hooray!!!

Anonymous said...

Lucky us, we have out own utility.

Anonymous said...

@1:50PM : We are not on A1A and we are not a seaside town. A more accurate trip from St. Augustine would be a trip down US1.