Monday, November 19, 2012

Some of the tortured logic of McVoy supporters, via FaceBook re: LW Utilities

Telise Vaughn Maquaire: "Lake worth Utilities is OURS and it keeps out the WELLINGTON BIG BUSINESS, BIG TALL BUILDINGS, BIG is NOT better. If Harry doesn't like paying a little more to keep out the developers then he can relocate to Lantana, or Delray or any one of a number of big wannabe towns. Lake worth is little and we like it that way. Thats why many of us moved here and why we stay. Turn it into Wellington and we're leaving and it won't be long before the BIG WHITE FOLKS get tired of the tiny little wood houses and move on after destroying the small town feel."
This comment was left in response to someone posting a picture of Harry's sign with this message.