Thursday, October 4, 2012

Commissioner McVoy's Riveting Repartee

This is from yesterday's (10/3) Central Palm Beach County Chamber of Commerce Breakfast.  Commissioner McVoy informs us that he is uncomfortable being a politician and is more comfortable standing in water out in the Everglades.  He admits being a little bit unusual.  Makes one wonder why he is running for re-election to be a Commissioner in Lake Worth.  His "service" on the Planning and Zoning Board was for all of three meetings.  Saying "Don't blame them [South Florida Water Management District] for the water restrictions", sort of under his breath, makes one want to ask why we have our own reverse osmosis water plant and still are under the most strict water conservation rules of any city in Palm Beach County.  He also admits to having problems herding cats and that it is good for democracy that regular people run for office, which both things put together would indicate that perhaps he is not the best choice for Commissioner.  His flippant comment about talking to FPL and getting them to lower their rates so they are even with us ranks right up there with gallows humor.

Your thoughts?

Here's a picture of Commissioner McVoy interacting with one of his favorite constituents.

Political advertisement paid for and approved by Jim Stafford for Commissioner, District 2.