Thursday, August 23, 2012

Renovations close to wrapping up at Lake Worth Beach casino...

Another prize-winning, in-depth investigative journalism piece from Willie Howard (ha!), click title for link.  Everything is just ducky according to Willie, while the city whistles past the graveyard of a seawall with unknown integrity, assuming that it will protect a building without a pile foundation.  The article does mention the pool issue and how the west side has sunk.  Could not the building be subject to the same soil and other conditions present that caused the pool problem?

As long as a study is done on the integrity, or lack thereof, of the seawall and a program put into place to address any insufficiencies, the city could issue a conditional Certificate of Occupancy so that the opening of the building and the tenant's schedule remain intact.  The point is the city just has to come clean that 96% of this building is NEW CONSTRUCTION - what the Florida Building Code refers to as a "substantial improvement."  It's time for the city to uphold the code that it makes everyone else abide by.  And who is to say that there isn't some professional liability involved related to the licensed professionals associated with this project?

This is NOT a red herring Commissioner McVoy.