Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Accused drug kingpin linked to Lake Worth City Commissioner

I am sorry, but this is getting a little ridiculous.  Anyone who is a candidate is accepting monetary or in-kind contributions from many people.  Is the expectation that a candidate do a background check on those that are giving contributions to their campaign?  Or are we saying that it is the responsibility of a candidate, especially if elected, that they are to monitor the behavior of campaign contributors for years after the campaign?  And, what does it mean if a contributor is accused of committing a criminal act?  Commissioner Amoroso says there is no relationship with the business or the person involved - what else does he have to do?  Click title for link to a WPTV story.

I remember during one of my campaigns someone called me and told me that one of their neighbors they suspected was taking part in an abusive personal relationship had a sign of mine in their yard.  He told me that because this neighbor was supporting me, he wouldn't be voting for me.  My response was that I can't perform a background check on everyone that is actively supporting my campaign - or know everything there is to know about a supporter.  There are many reasons why people vote for someone - if they are a registered voter they can vote.  Is it the candidate's responsibility to vet their supporters? 

I just don't know where this line of thinking is taking us...period.