Monday, July 16, 2012

CPNA - P&Z meeting regarding the Dixie Discount Beverage convenience store

Dear Friends and Neighbors,

A reminder that the issue we discussed at the last College Park Neighborhood Association meeting regarding the convenience store on the corner of Dixie and Cornell Drive, will be coming back to the Planning and Zoning Board this Wednesday, July 18th at their regular meeting, 6 PM at City Hall.

The owners of the Dixie Beverage convenience store are applying for a Proximity Distance Waiver to allow a 3PS Beer, wine and liquor package alcohol license and a Special Land Use Application to establish a liquor store within the High Intensity Commercial District in which they are located.

We are grateful to the Planning and Zoning board for deferring this decision until the Neighbors of College Park had the opportunity to meet with the owners on June 25th. and we are grateful to the owners, Hares Amin and Pankil Patel for meeting with the College Park Neighbors to share information, concerns and answer questions.

At the meeting on Wednesday evening, City Planning and Zoning staff are recommending that the P&Z board grant their approvals. Certain conditions to those approvals have been revised following concerns raised at the College Park meeting. Among those concerns were included the drive-thru window, window signage and the "high end" or "low end" characteristics of the eventual product lines to be offered.

The Planning  and Zoning staff have spoken to those concerns in their recommendation for approval. However, the public is invited to attend the meeting and speak to their personal concerns and the Staff conditional recommendations for approval.

The back-up information for this item is on the City's website. On the Planning and Zoning board agenda for July 18th, this is Item 4.F.a - PZB 12-00500002. Click here for the link.

Neighbors may also wish to send their thoughts on this issue to the Planning and Zoning board via Department of Sustainability Director, Mr. William Waters. His email address is: or to any of the Planning and Zoning board members whose email addresses can be found here.