Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Letter sent to Lake Worth City Commissioners from blog reader...

To Wes Blackman
From Stanley Sands

Here is the video that Andy Amoroso made that shows my kayak launch.

Below my letter sent to all City Commissioners: 

To: Andy Amoroso
From: Stanley Sands
907 18Th Ave N.
Lake Worth, Fl 33460
I am they owner and one of the occupants, (along with my neighbor), of the red kayak that you showed in your recent video promoting Lake Worth's new kayak launch and boardwalk facilities.
Back in September, I spoke with the previous mayor Waterman, at one of her coffee meetings and later followed up with an email.
My concern was the city charges all people who need a trailer to tow their kayak, or boat, $10 per day, including city residents, to park, while enjoying our local inter-coastal waterway.
It bothers me to have to pay $10 every time I want to take out my non-polluting kayak, (which is also a sailboat), each and every time I go out!
I suggested that the city implement the $50 yearly boat trailer parking permit for city and county residents as they had intended with Ord # 2009-23 section 7-54C back in 2009.
She said the county objected to the city only issuing permits to city residents because the county helped finance the boat ramp etc, so the city decided to not implement the ordinance that they originally signed.
She said, " I will look into it and see if we can legally establish a yearly $50 fee for any county resident for boat ramp trailer parking." I never heard from her again, and nothing has changed.
Since I like to kayak and sail, I will continue to use the county facilities at Riviera Beach and elsewhere using my county ramp parking permit. However, I will avoid Lake Worth because I am retired and on limited income, and the $10 daily fee is just too much to afford.
Is there any way that you as city commissioner could do that would allow local residents such as myself to pay only a yearly fee to park while enjoying our local waterway? Maybe pass a resolution to implement that previously passed ordinance, or come up with something new, that would be less costly to a city resident?
I would love to discuss this with you or anyone associated with city government that would be interested in a solution to nasty parking fee.
I can be reached at g2pilot@aol.com or 561-588-1642
Thank You
Stanley Sands