Monday, April 2, 2012

From William Waters re: New Business 11A - City Commission Meeting of April 3, 2012

"Dear P&Z Board Members and HRPB Members,

Good morning.  Over the weekend, Ms. Silverblatt sent me some questions concerning the ordinance related to P&Z Board and HRPB memberships and qualifications.  This ordinance relates to addressing some conflicts in the existing code and to bring the current provisions in line with the direction being taken under the Zoning in Progress – Revised Land Development Regulations and the Zoning in Progress (ZIP).  The questions are provocative, insightful and meaningful.  In the red are my comments and answers back to her questions, I believe all of you will appreciate the information.

In addition, the ZIP Ordinance may bring up a lot of questions from the public.  At the P&Z Board meeting, the members selected Mr. Waples to attend the meetings and comment on behalf of the P&Z Board.  It would be appropriate for someone from the HRPB to attend as well.  In fact, as many of you who can attend from both Boards would be welcomed as this is a monumental step forward that we are taking.  We have achieved so much over the past 15 months and are bringing to a foreseeable close, a seven year struggle to revise the City’s land development policies.  I hope that all of you will try and attend the first reading tomorrow night.  I believe we will be up around 7 pm.  Thanks for all of your hard work and I really appreciate your cooperation and steadfastness to ensure Lake Worth has a bright future.  See you tomorrow."

Click here for link to questions and responses.