Wednesday, March 28, 2012



Please join the City of Lake Worth for a Public Meeting to discuss the upcoming Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) Program for Fiscal Year 2012-2013.  During this meeting the City of Lake Worth staff will describe eligible uses of CDBG funds and solicit public input on uses of this funding opportunity.

This meeting has been rescheduled for the date and time listed below.
NEW DATE: April 4, 2012
TIME: 6:00 P.M. – 8:00 P.M.
LOCATION: Shuffleboard Courts Building
1121 Lucerne Avenue
Lake Worth, FL  33460
For additional information, please contact Jerry Kelly, Grants Analyst, at 561.533.7358


Anonymous said...

Interesting conversation with Jerry Kelly, grants analyst. It appears our cut this year from the county is approximately $195K. We have to apply to the county for the funds to be applied to only "one type" of project and there is a short list of available improvements on the list.

So we will have to come up with consensus of which item out of the list is most worthy for the lump sum to be put towards. Then make application, through the commission's direction, to the county for that project to be funded with the $195K.

We have approximately $562K already earmarked from past CGBG allotments to make improvements to sidewalks and other infrastructure. Sorely needed. Now, what to do with the lump sum?

Any ideas?

Other infrastructure projects?
Public Park creation or improvement?
Demolition of structures? (city owned)
Improvement to an existing structure? (city owned)

A few on the list from memory.

Chip Guthrie

Russ said...

Chip, just a suggestion but $195K is probably only enough to do some rehab at the ball parks, or maybe add a small skate park. Recreation facilities in general could use some help.

OTOH, demolition of non-historic properties in neighborhoods that would benefit is also effective use.

If there's anything left over, freshened landscaping with larger palms would be nice to see at city entrances on North and South Federal Hwy. $20-30,000 or so would do that.

You guys are doing a good job... thanks for being there.

Anonymous said...

On many CDBG grants, we are able to break up the sum and attack several projects. This one, not so. Our 5 choices are:
1) Acquisition of real property for public purpose.
2) Demolition and Clearance.
3) Infrastructure and Improvements.
4) Public Facilities and Improvements.
5) Historic Preservation

Choose one of the above.

Now, create an action plan that addresses the goals of the grant which are to a)benefit low to moderate income persons, b)aid prevention of slum and blight, or c)meet an urgent community development need. (emergency or disaster)

Wednesday's meeting will attempt to gain community consensus and submit a plan that also must fit into the County's action plan.

If we are already using existing CDBG funding for sidewalk improvements in the alphabet streets and other capital improvements, and historic preservation uses are not a priority at this moment, demolition of as many dilapidated properties as possible would probably top my list for visible neighborhood improvement and to possibly spur new development. Nothing says "slum" like boarded up, deteriorating and condemned housing.

Chip Guthrie

Jessica said...


CDBG funds are only to be used in a limited area - 7th Ave South to 7th Ave North - Dixie Hwy to A St.

In the past, CDBG funds have been used for projects outside of this area - ie Sunset Ridge, etc. Now the residents who do live in the CDBG district would like to see that money used in it.

Juan Ruiz has put together a wonderful plan to turn the Shuffleboard Courts into a Recreation Center complete with restoration of the existing courts, landscaping, lighting, security cameras, tables, benches and shade structures. I we can only use this years grant for "one type of project" I think this should be it.

Now, about the money from previous years -

$350k was to be spend in the NSP II target area for sidewalks.

$125k (last years amount after $75k for the gym expansion) - was also to be spent on sidewalks.

$63k - previously earmarked for the Shuffleboard Courts - maybe it can go towards putting in new playground equipment at Sunset Ridge?

$100k - traffic calming

Now, as much as the CDBG area needs sidewalks, I am pretty sure there is less than $475k worth of sidewalks to do in this area. I was told Joe Kroll did a study some time ago that has already identified the areas in the NSP II area that need new & repaired sidewalk and I hope the City stops dragging its feet on this project.

Since there is bound to be funds leftover, I can't think of a better project than demolition. YES YES YES. CDBG is all about eradicating blight and there is plenty in the western neighborhoods that should be brought down - IMMEDIATELY. If the $100k can't be used for traffic calming in the CDBG district, then by all means it should be used to tear down the dangerous, unsafe eyesores we have littering our communities.

I hope everyone can make it out tomorrow night and say as much.

Russ said...

Sorry Jessica, I forgot about the area covered by the grants. From Chip's list, yes... aquisition and demolition of condemnable property should top the list. Regarding "Historic Preservation" I would just hope that buildings of any value to their location could be saved for restoration or relocation as appropriate infill whenever possible. I'm not a strict preservationist, but removals of convenience often leave gaps in the architectural fabric that stay empty or worse, inapproriate structures are built in their place.