Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Tonight's City Commission meeting agenda (2/21):

 Click here for back-up material.  A few items drew my attention.  One is the proposal on the consent agenda (Item 8 D) for the city to accept a "gift" for Bryant Park in the form of a brick paver labyrinth.  This is apparently being handled by Public Works staff.  You know, regardless of the merits of this request, this really should be brought before the Planning and Zoning Board for review and a recommendation.  The Planning and Zoning Board's duties include (from the city's Code of Ordinances):
Let's stick to procedure here.  I remember when I was on the PZHRPB and we turned down many requests for statues or memorials in Bryant Park.  By handling them in this haphazard manner sends the message to other groups that they can do the same thing.  Let's go a little further and set some standards for these sorts of things.  And, let's also not forget to run this by nearby neighborhood associations - if for information only.