Sunday, February 19, 2012

Pics of the NEW Casino Building, taken today...

 It's been a big bike riding weekend.  Yesterday, I took a 20 mile trip to the Palm Beach inlet and back to my house.  Then today, I went to the Boynton Beach inlet which is about a 17 mile round trip.  I made sure I had my camera with me today so I could stop at the beach and take some pictures of the casino building.  The one above is of the south tower.  There are metal screens that hide the air-conditioning units.  I am not sure about the architecture as you approach the building from the south.  To me, it seems fairly plain and if you think about it, it is one of the first impressions of the building as you come up the loop road.

 Is the clock here (above on the tower) one of the value engineering items that have been eliminated?

 Above are some paint color samples for various elements on the building.
 A decorative element on one of the panels facing east along the 2nd floor patio.

 There were a lot of people under this canopy today.  Is this coming out?
Welcome to the land of pavement.