Saturday, January 21, 2012

Follow-up to Public Information Request - SFWMD Permit

The city notified me that the materials are ready for review at the Clerk's office.  I hope to be able to get in Monday to review them.  They are sparing the expense of copying everything and I can just pick and choose what I want copies of.  I did have one direct response from a Commissioner, Ms. Mulvehill.  Referring to an article in the PBP regarding the possibility of another drought period, we had this exchange:
There was no further response from our District #4 Commissioner.


Dale said...

So when Jennings--Golden--Mulvehill promised us that we should go ahead with the RO plant construction without permits because we were sure to get them----they just forgot the part where---we will have the highest water rates in the county...we will have to buy water to meet our future needs.....and the Bond money spent will force additional borrowings on out "Electrical Upgrade".

BTW--yet another 11th hour--no alternative staff solution but --a $60,000 study might help if approved tonight!!!Stanton's legacy is starting to become very clear.

Anonymous said...

True, just don't tell Lynn this, she is touting all the RO plant stuff, always defending Jennings. Great investigating Wes, keep it up, you are a great reporter, we deserve the truth here.

Jack said...

Lest we forget, an added benefit of buying water from Palm Beach County is that Lake Worth would finally have an ally in the future if there is a fight over water.
As it stands now, Lake Worth has no allies of any kind. PBC has sued us over water, 5 municipalities and PBC have sued us over the Sub regional Sewage billings and Palm Springs is very upset about the lack of service and billings of the Electric Utility.
It is time to start building alliances for future problems.

Anonymous said...

It is too bad that Mulvehill was the available useful idiot that allowed the disasterious agenda of Jennings-Golden to be passed.
Our utility rates are the highest and the ineffective and incomplete long range plans for electric and water will continue to be heavy burdens to us for several years at least.
Hopefully mulvehill's decision not to run in November will be reinforced by the IG's investigations of her disclosed Casino Campaign Tenants and her undisclosed legal intrigues.

Anonymous said...

Maybe we should just accept these as our higher taxes so to speak and say no to any other forms of increases then.

tp said...

Wes,we were told that the water restrictions were not due to shortage, but to salt water intrusion.

Wes Blackman said...

It's actually some of both - but we are not enforcing the watering restrictions here. Which is actually more imperative in LW than in other places. The Commission and the Administration seem to not want to play the heavy. And they have problems with the city's own use of water.

Lynn Anderson said...

Did you hear ANYTHING from any other commissioner? It's fun to pick on Commissioner Mulvehill, isn't it? Pretty lame.
As far as not enforcing water restrictions, I would guess it has to do with man-power. Why don't you organize a citizens patrol and go out at 4am or whatever and do your thing.
It is a fact that we saved $3.5 million by having our own RO which will also prove to be a wise and valuable decision as we go forward and other cities run out of this resource.

Jack said...

I for one don’t think that reflecting on Commissioner Mulvehill’s lack of understanding; poor judgment; and lack of positive contributions are meant to balance your vendetta against Commissioner Maxwell. Commissioner McVoy is often mentioned on this blog.
As usual, you seem to be relegated to guessing as opposed to an understanding of the situation. Also, your pejorative tone toward community involvement is reflected in your continuing lack of participation in community programs.
Your “facts” on the RO plant continue to reflect a lack of some fundamental considerations:
1. The $6,000,000 debt needed to be incurred because the cost to complete the RO Plant depleted the Utility Bond funds without allowing sufficient funds to complete the Electric Upgrade.
2. The additional $500,000 in annual personnel costs required to operate the RO Plant.
3. The total lack of annual Maintenance and Utility costs necessary to operate the RO Plant.
Because Lake Worth completed the RO plant, sufficient water to address any POC expansion and the normal existing needs of the city will be determined by the Permit process that is at the sole discretion of others. So much for just some of the LT consequences of the BCE!
Thanks for the opportunity to reflect upon the aforementioned.

Anonymous said...

How does one declare a savings when in fact the costs to the end user is in fact higher?

Wait, I just remember, the same way you declare that the beach casino will not cost the residents any money either!

How could any reasonable human being not understand these truths?

Wes Blackman said...

No, Lynn and I would share if I did. Commissioner Maxwell responded in that he said that he would ask to remove this item from consent and ask that others be combined for a special meeting on utilities. The point is that we are asking SFWMD for more water than they are willing to give us, but we are not abiding by our own, and their, restrictions. I will be getting a video of the fountain at City Hall this week.

Anonymous said...

I believe there has been no effective oversight by the CM of the Utility Director, Rebecca Mattey. The problem was made worse by the CM not giving the Commission sufficient and accurate information so that the Commission could set appropriate Utility policies.
The result is that the Utility Director was permitted to recreate the same problems that got her fired from her Ocala position.
Firing for Cause is the only Commission option.